ABOUT WORKSTATIONS You are not authorized to (you can read the " whynot page" to know why):

  • remove/tamper/disconnect any part of any workstation (mouse, keyboard, network cable, etc.);
  • move any workstation inside or outside its room;
  • use other workstations without the authorization of the main authorized user;
  • use two or more linux workstations in “ graphical mode ” simultaneously (local connection) or use another workstation (not the workstation assigned to you) in “ graphical mode ” , you can read the explanation page to know why.

Please note: All SISSA linux workstations have to be always switched on and on line in order to keep workstations updated.

IMPORTANT CHANGES: To reach your workstation from your laptop or from another workstation of your sector (inside the SISSA network), you have to use the following name format: name.area               For example: lotar.maths

FAQ - SISSA LINUX Workstation: Why or what can I do when....

If you need to self-manage a workstation in the SISSA network, please, read the self-managed workstation pages

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