How to improve speed accessing on many popular web sites working at SISSA

We suggest to set web SISSA proxy server on your browser using your laptop or workstation at SISSA. This setting can improve transfer speed and response time when accessing many popular web sites and reduce the total traffic on SISSA external link.
This is achieved keeping a local copy of frequently visited pages. The local copy is validated before being served to the client, i.e. compared to a set of refresh patterns to ensure the information are still up-to-date, so users don't have to worry about being served stale web contents.

You can configure your browser to use the proxy with the automatic configuration script provided at:

REMEMBER: Please remove SISSA proxy setting when you use your laptop OUTSIDE SISSA, otherwise you will not be able to use your browser. So, backup your proxy configuration before changing it with SISSA proxy server setting.

Browser-specific information


  • 1) Open Tools –> Preferences;
  • 2) select the Advanced tab –> Network;
  • 3) select the Proxy servers button;
  • 4) select Use automatic proxy configuration;
  • 6) click on OK, OK.


  • 1) Open Settings –> Configure KonquerorProxy;
  • 2) select Use the following proxy configuration URL;
  • 4) click on OK.

BASH users can put this line into .bashrc file:

export http_proxy=""

TCSH users can put this line into .tcshrc file:

setenv http_proxy ""
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