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We have some news about SISSA email antispam: in the last month (december 2021) we made a number of enhancements to the anti-spam systems that operate on our emails, so the following new rules apply:

1) It will NO longer be necessary to report spam or not-spam emails you receive to
2) to report an email as spam or not-spam you can use one of the ways:

  • Microsoft Outlook email client (e.g. installed on your laptop, mobile, etc)
  • Webmail service (Outlook on the web) -

In the last case (Outlook on the web), while you are reading the email, you can click on Junk or Not Junk icon on the top menu line to set it as Spam or Not-spam, without sending any email.

In the links below you can find several useful notice and more detailed instructions:

The SISSA e-mail service is unified under the domain

Every user has at least two email addresses activated:

  • Primary SISSA email address:
  • Secondary email alias:

Both are associated with the SAME MAILBOX, accessible as usual with the personal account credentials.

The maximum message size is 25MB (but it can grow up until 150MB, if needed).

If your mail contains graphics or generally files, not in text format, the mail server can increase your message size, so we suggest to limit the size of attachment to be smaller than 25MB.

The webmail service (Outlook on the web) is a web-based email client that requires at least Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 10+ or Google Chrome to work.

Webmail FAQ

Import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook on the web

You can import iCalendars (iCal) calendars that are saved in the .ics format. iCalendars are the standard for calendar data exchange over the Internet, and .ics is the standard format for iCalendar information.

Calendar FAQ

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