Network Printers

NO MORE PAPER?, please send an e-mail to:
Access to printers is allowed only from SISSA-WiFi or authenticated network, read "how to connect laptops" from more info.

Most network printers are accessed through a printer spooler and a related printer queue on a printer server.

The main printer spooler is:


Building A, main section which is in front of the carpark

The printer name is based on the place where the printer is located and on its type.
For example: on the first floor you can find ps1lc

  • ps = it is an abbreviation to identify all the network printers;
  • 1 = floor. Level number;
  • l = zone. This is the first letter of the word left (standing with your back to the sea), m is for middle (in the center of the building), r is for right.
  • c = type. There is a c because it is a color printer. The black and white (b/w) printers have no letters after the zone letter.

For a real-time map of available printers and their status follow this link: Spooler page

Toner for personal printers: please contact SISSA store (rooms A-S3/A-S2 basement).

Manage your printing job

You can monitor the status of or delete (if it is necessary) your printing job using the Printers Spooler Web site. For more information please read the How to remove a printing job page.


A plotter (A0 format paper) is available, its use is allowed only to authorized people.

Due to the lack of personnel we suggest you send your project (in pdf file format) at least 10 days before.
  • To request a print send an email to
  • Requests must be submitted al least 7 days before.


These bins are NO for PACKING MATERIALS or RUBBISH. They are reserved for different recycling waste.

For paper recycling: please use plastic perforated bins.
                                                      Image of a paper recycling "perforated" bin

For Toner recycling: please use cardboard white bins (cartucce da stampa esauste).

Toner bins position into Santorio A Building

Floorhow manywhere arehow manywhere arehow manywhere are
-1 1 near mail boxes
.0 2 before library entrance
+1 1 near room 102 2 near room 114
+2 2 near room 213 1 near room 231
+3 1 near room 311 1 central area 1 near room 332
+4 1 near room 411 1 central area 1 near room 432
+5 1 near room 511 1 central area 1 near room 534
+6 1 near room 606 1 central area 1 near room 629
+7 1 near room 708 1 near room 728
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