Access to printers is allowed only from SISSA-WiFi or authenticated network, read "how to connect laptops" from more info.

Toner for personal printers: please contact SISSA store (rooms A-S3/A-S2 basement).

You can find paper for printers in the following store rooms (Santorio A building):

floor +1 room 1b floor +2 room 2a floor +3 near room 3b & near printers
floor +4 room 4a floor +6 room 6b floor +7 room 7a

If there is no paper, please send an e-mail to:

There is a plotter (A0 format paper) available, but its use is allowed only to authorized people.

  • To request a print send an email to there is now an helpdesk ticket queue and authorized people will automatically receive your email.

Toner & Paper correct recycling

These bins are NO for PACKING MATERIALS or RUBBISH. They are reserved for different recycling waste.

For paper recycling: please use plastic perforated bins.
                                                      Image of a paper recycling "perforated" bin

For Toner recycling: please use cardboard white bins (cartucce da stampa esauste).

Toner bins position into Santorio A Building
Floorhow manywhere arehow manywhere arehow manywhere are
-1 1 near mail boxes
.0 2 before library entrance
+1 1 near room 102 2 near room 114
+2 2 near room 213 1 near room 231
+3 1 near room 311 1 central area 1 near room 332
+4 1 near room 411 1 central area 1 near room 432
+5 1 near room 511 1 central area 1 near room 534
+6 1 near room 606 1 central area 1 near room 629
+7 1 near room 708 1 near room 728
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