How to change your default printer on your linux workstation

Generally all linux workstations have a default printer depending on the floor and side… and where the workstation is located.

a) You need to know the name of the printer where you wish to redirect your print, see SISSA NETWORK PRINTER MAP AT SANTORIO page for the list of all common printers at Santorio;

b) check that the printer you wish to set as default is available from your linux workstation:
lpq -P printer-name
If the printer is available, this will be the result: printer-name is ready
If the printer is not available, this will be the result: lpq: Unknown destination “printer-name”!

c) if the printer you choose as default is available, use the following command to set your new default printer:
lpoptions -dprinter-name

To restore the original default printer

Remove the original configuration using the following commands:
rm ~/.cups/lpoptions
rmdir ~/.cups

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