The ITCS (Information Technology and Computing Services) offers an Help Desk service, in order to cover hardware and software problems (the last ones related to the supported software), for all administrative and scientific users of the School.
You can get Helpdesk assistance:

  • preferably by sending an e-mail to:,
  • if you cannot send an e-mail, call the extension 822 (from outside SISSA: 040 3787 822)

If you ask for help regarding a workstation, please ALWAYS write its name and a brief and clear description (not generic) of the problem.

Helpdesk Opening hours:

Phone: ext 822
Office: room A-115
Mo-Fr: 9:00-14:00

Out of these opening hours you can send an email to

In case of lack of staff or due to an emergency, the helpdesk service may not be available.

2011/06/26 21:09

Support email addresses for specific requests

These are the email addresses to use when you would like to notify any problems or requests.

Please don't send support requests to personal email addresses.

We do not guarantee an answer in a reasonable time. Accounts renewal and Disk Quotas Cognitive NeuroScience Helpdesk HPC Helpdesk Mail Services Helpdesk NeuroBiology Helpdesk Support for Phone/VOIP Support for WEB systems SISSA Phonebook Notifications Plotter Requests Printers toner requests Assistenza informatica per il personale amministrativo Support for internal web applications (Missions, Guest Registration System, etc.)

Helpdesk Tickets

To manage helpdesk mails we use a so-called ticketing system. This system assign a number and a priority to your request and insert it into the right queue.

In every mail you receive from our helpdesk you will find:

  • in the subject a unique ticket number. Please when replying do not remove it from the subject, since we use it to associate emails with problems, and use it if you need to refer to the problem.
  • at the end of the message, just above the signature an indication of the priority assigned to the ticket. To understand the priorities please see the table below.
Priority Response time Solution time Description
Very High 2h 4h Problem affecting directly or indirectly all users
High 2h 8h Problem affecting a large group of users
Normal 8h 2d Problem preventing a single user to do his job
Low 3d 5d Problem not critical
Very Low 5d undefined Problem not critical and requiring further development

The times should be intended as a declaration of intent, rather than a guarantee. The solution time, in particular, is strongly dependent on many factors, some of which are independent from our will.

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