Proxy Server Guide - Internet Explorer 6.x

a) Start Internet explorer.

  • 1) Click on the Tools menu on the top of the window, then
  • 2) Select Internet Options.

Select Internet Options from the Tools menu...

b) In the Internet Options window:

  • 1) click on the Connections tab.

In the Local Area Network [LAN] settings section:

  • 2) select LAN Settings.

Select LAN Settings...

c) In the Local Area Network [LAN] settings window, in the section Automatic Configuration:

  • 1) make sure that Automatically detect settings is unchecked;
  • 2) put a check in the box Use automatic configuration script;
  • 3) in the Address box insert
  • 4) click OK to save the settings and close the Local Area Network [LAN] settings window.

Fill in the Automatic Configuration section carefully...

d) Close the Internet Options window, clicking on OK.
Click on OK.

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