Proxy Server Guide - Safari (Mac OS X)

a) On the menu located at the top of the window:

  • 1) Click on the Apple menu, then
  • 2) select System Preferences.

 Select System Preferences from the Apple menu ...

b) In the System Preferences window, please look for Internet & Network section:
click on the Network icon.
In the Internet & Network section, click on the Network icon...

c) In the Network window:

  • 1) select your connection method from the left box:
    • Ethernet if you are using cable or DSL or
    • AirPort if you are using a wireless connection.
  • 2) then click on the Advanced button.

Select your connection method, then click on Advanced...

d) In the Ethernet (or AirPort) window:

  • 1) click on the Proxies tab;
  • 2) under Select a protocol to configure: put a check in the box labeled Automatic Proxy Configuration;
  • 3) in the field URL: insert
  • 4) click on OK to save the settings and close the window.

Fill in the Proxies tab carefully...

e)In the Network window:

  • 1) click on Apply, then
  • 2) close the Network window.

Click on Apply then close the window.

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