Please, note that this page is NOT valid for laptops with a dynamic IP.

Usually SISSA workstations are managed by ITCS staff. If you have particular and SERIOUS reasons to self manage your workstation, you have to:

  • Fill the “REGISTRATION OF A COMPUTER IN THE SISSA NETWORK WITH FIXED IP ADDRESS” form. Please remember that the person who signs this form will be considered RESPONSIBLE of the registered computer in agreement with the current Italian legislation. This is NOT “simple bureaucracy”: by signing the form you take a legal, penal responsibility.
  • Bring the completed and signed (by you, by your Sector Head, and by ITCS director) form to our helpdesk room A-115.
  • Then you can follow the DHCP instructions, as for laptop, to connect your workstation to the SISSA network (our DHCP will assign everytime the same IP address to your computer)

In case the self-managed workstation is SISSA, the ONLY helpdesk assistance is on the hardware of the WKS. Users who want to self manage a workstation must just know how to admin and maintain it.

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