DO NOT USE two or more linux workstations in “graphical mode” (local connection) simultaneously or use another linux workstation (not the workstation assigned to you) in “graphical mode”

You can see/have access to all the files on your home directory from any linux workstation of your Sector. LDAP (our centralized authentication system) brings the information about your account to every workstation of your Sector and allows you to log into any of them using your SISSA username and your SISSA password.

You have to avoid to use more than one graphical session simultaneously (e.g. you should not use KDE or Gnome simultaneously on different workstations), or use the graphical session on different workstations (which may have different software versions). For the graphical session always use your workstation only.
The mentioned wrong usage of the graphical session may cause:
overwriting of desktop configuration files in your home directory,
hang-ups of the machine or file inconsistencies.

IF YOU ARE AUTHORIZED BY THE MAIN USER of another workstation (always of your Sector), you can:

  • open a remote connection using ssh command (for example: ssh workstationnanme.sector );
  • use it only if the main user is absent or is not using his/her workstation (remotely too).

Please remember to login in “ text mode ” type simultaneously <CTRL> <ALT> F1.
To set again the workstation in “ graphical mode ” type simultaneously <CTRL> <ALT> F7.

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