Information about computer resources usage in the Santorio building

After the authentication process, if it is correctly set, your laptop will be allowed access to the SISSA network services. Connect your laptop to the SISSA network (via an ethernet cable) using the DHCP server (an unprivileged address with the limitations stated above will be assigned to your laptop).
ONLY if you have trouble with the authentication process, you may obtain a temporary connection (12 hours) by opening any browser page. You will then be redirect to the temporary authentication page. You have to insert a valid SISSA username and password account.

  • info2: SELF MANAGED WORKSTATION … If you have the privileged password of your workstation, and need to have a fixed ip address, please follow the instructions on self-managed workstation page.

  • info3: WIRELESSThe wireless network IS NOT available in all Santorio main building. Infos about wireless available areas and how to configure your laptop to use wireless SISSA network on the page: SISSA Wireless Network.

  • info4: LAPTOP → LINUX WORKSTATIONIMPORTANT CHANGES: To reach your workstation from your laptop or from another workstation of your sector (inside the SISSA network), you have to use the following name format: workstationname.sector               For example:

  • info5: HOME → LINUX WORKSTATION… To connect to your workstation from home, it is no more possible to use the Common Access server!! 1) activate your VPN client and 2) use the command ssh workstation-name.sector

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