SISSA Wireless network

Security - You are not allowed to:

  • install your own wireless access point and connect it to the SISSA wired network;
  • set your laptop wireless NIC in ad-hoc mode, thus behaving like a wireless access point, when connected to the SISSA wired network!

Networks and profiles

Separate wireless (SSID) networks have been created for different user profiles, in order to handle varying access privileges:

  • SISSA-Guest (SISSA short term-visitors - web unencrypted authentication for web access outside SISSA only). Using this profile you are NOT ALLOWED to access any SISSA internal network resources (PRINTING, connection to SISSA workstations…)
  • SISSA-WiFi (SISSA students, faculty and long-term visitors, full access to SISSA internal network resources)
  • eduroam (users belonging to a federated eduroam institution - see below)

Access requirements

Users wishing to make use of the wireless connection must:

  • 1) have a PC with an 802.11 b/g wireless card which supports WPA2/Enterprise;
  • 2) have a valid username and password on the SISSA main cluster, please see the page Getting and Using an Account if you do not have one;
  • 3) have changed your SISSA password during the last six months, please read change password page for more information;
  • 4) if you are using Windows XP you need a third-party client software to connect to WPA2 networks (see below)


Configuration parameters for connection to SISSA-WiFi are:

  • authentication: 802.1x/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 (without user certificate), or 802.1X/EAP-TTLS/PAP (deprecated)
  • encryption and key management: WPA2 (AES)

Access problems: trouble-shooting

If you encounter any problems while accessing the service, you should make sure that:

  • your wireless card driver is correctly installed and updated to the latest version available,
  • the wireless card is activated,
  • the network is identified with SSID SISSA-WiFi or SISSA-Guest.


Eduroam Since SISSA is member of the Italian Eduroam Federation, guest users that belong to federated institution can connect to SISSA network using their own credential (username and password). Also SISSA users, when visiting other federated institutions, can connect to the hosting network using their own credentials.
Please note: eduroam guest users cannot access to SISSA printing services and to SISSA workstation, but they can access also SISSA wired network.

Main documentation: Eduroam

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