How to get a NEW ACCOUNT on SISSA or RENEW it

What a STANDARD account on the SISSA provides

The account provides the following facilities:

About disk space usage on SISSA, please read the disksusagepage.

VISITOR account

It must be explicitly requested by your referral.
The School has created a web application for registering visitors online before the date of their arrival.
Please follow this instructions if you need help with the registration.
Please note: as a rule VISITOR ACCOUNTS have no a SISSA E-MAIL address (Comitato Utenti ITCS 9/11/2010).

If you complete the form, your account will be activated on the day of your arrival.

  • Accounts creation is almost fully automatic, it depends on the correct insertion of your personal data and work position information by the office or secretariat of reference.
  • You will receive an email notification about the creation of your account, with the first access password and activation date.
  • Please change it immediately after the opening of your account (please read the change password page);

The username is also generated automatically, as the SISSA email address.
Since the user name generation can give unexpected results, you can always refer to the helpdesk in case of user names that contain offensive or inadequate words.

Physical modules are no longer accepted.

Download the reference guide for the new users (pdf format) - OBSOLETE

To change the expiration date of an account, it is sufficient an e-mail sent by the office or secretariat of reference.
But also this process is fully automatized based on the work information inserted on a contract change or renewal.
In the other cases you must fill in a web form to request the renewal BEFORE your account expiration.

Renewal request web form

Documentation for the renewal request web form

(for any technical problems write to

under revision

Note that, due to Italian laws, people who do not have a justified relationship with the School CANNOT obtain/maintain a SISSA account, as communicated in the Users' Committee of June 2007 (Italian only).

Accounts e-mail reference

Any information/request about your SISSA account will be managed through the following e-mail address:
Users must NOT to send their renewal requests directly to; ITCS staff can not change your expiration date without an e-mail of authorization from your PI or responsible. Write to only for other kind of issues with the SISSA account.

The Italian Republic laws as well as standard networking policies govern the use of the account.
You can find a complete explanation here:

SISSA Network computing policy

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