If you receive any e-mail asking for your password, it is surely a swindle(fraud/scam)/e-mail phishing.
So please inform us as soon as possible by forwarding the suspect e-mail to, then delete it.

:!: Please remember that theFrom:” header can be easily forged.:!:

1. NEVER SEND ANY PASSWORD BY E-MAIL independently by whoever is asking;
2. NEVER OPEN LINKS FROM UNTRUSTED E-MAILS, particularly regarding your SISSA username & password.

Keep in mind that neither banks nor our computer staff members will never ask by e-mail for your password !!!

The ONLY OFFICIAL PAGE to CHANGE your SISSA password is:

A single SISSA account used by an intruder to send SPAM by using our mail services, causes an automatic insertion of our services in global anti-spam black lists, so legitimate SISSA e-mails could be rejected.

Have you already sent your password ??

  • change it immediately! TO change your SISSA password, please use ONLY the instructions on the page: Change password;
  • then send an e-mail to: giving us any information about it (so we can check if someone has used your account illegally).

Golden rules about passwords

  • Your password has to contain a mix of letters, numbers and special characters such as !@#$%^&*,;
  • NEVER GIVE your password to anybody;
  • NEVER LEAVE your session open without locking it;
  • you have to change your password at least every 6 months (we will send you e-mails to remember this in the future) and immediately after the opening of your account (for more infos please read the section of the law about it…sorry it is in italian only…)
  • your password MUST BE SECRET. KEEP IT SAFE!!!
Each user is personally responsible for respecting Italian, European and international laws about any illegal action done using his/her account. Any violation of these laws may lead to civil and penal sanctions by the competent authorities.

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