Computer account renewal request (web form)

In order to request a renewal your account must be still active.

  1. Visit this URL and login with your SISSA user and password.
  2. Choose your referent/PI from the drop-down menu (start writing and wait for the self-completion)
  3. Choose your new working position or leave the selection unaltered, the list is short because the renewals of the other positions are handled automatically
  4. The form displays your current expiration and a drop-down with 3 choices for the extension: 1 month, 6 months and 1 year
  5. If you had one and you need to mantain your desk in SISSA please select “Yes”
  6. It is of utmost importance to enter a valid private mail contact, otherwise SISSA will not be able to contact you for important information about your account if it expires

After submission, an automatic message will be sent to your referent/PI who will decide whether to validate your request, after that, an ITCS operator will take charge of it and you will receive a message informing you of the extension.

Please be aware that some of your initial request data may be modified by the referent/PI or the ITCS operator who will check the request.

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