The Common Access server

The name of the new Common Access server is:

This new server is configured for some simple operations only and is reachable using different names (, depending on your account type.
All our users are able to use the SFTP service, but only the authorized users (generally permanent scientific staff, long-term scientific staff and students) are able to use the interactive SSH access (shell).

All the users are able to use SFTP service to transfer files to/from their own home & common scratch directories through the server.

Using this service, the prefix /u on the home directory path is omitted:
/firstletterusername/username instead of /u/firstletterusername/username

The authorized users, that login on, are able to:

The login through this server to internal workstations is no longer allowed.
Internal workstations are reacheable (from outside SISSA network) through the VPN service ONLY.

All kinds of graphic tools (gv, acroread, firefox, …) and development tools (emacs, latex, gcc, …) are not available.

There is no software to display:

  • graphic files (like .jpg, .tiff, .png) or
  • graphic contents of document files (like .pdf, .doc, .xls).
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