Network Remote Access (from outside SISSA)

Access Server & users home directories

  • SISSA users home directories are centrally stored on a Netapp Storage. These directories are reachable outside SISSA using a Secure Shell remote terminal connection SSH to your SISSA Linux workstation or SFTP to Please read the sftp Common Access Server page for more information.

To run your programs, you have to use your workstation or HPC resources.

Users home directories are shared on all Sector workstations, which are assigned to users by the Sector computer responsible.

Scratch areas

  • Local scratch areas: on their linux workstations the users can login, run programs and use local file system - generally /scratch - (which are never backupped) -. You can find more information on LOCAL SCRATCH area on your linux workstation page.

The VPN access lets you obtain an IP address on SISSA internal network wherever you are,
useful to connect (from outside) to linux workstations of your sector, or internal resources non available from outside SISSA network.

For more info on remote access VPN, follow the:

Due to security reasons – outside the SISSA network – vpn client installation pages are readable only inserting your SISSA username and your SISSA password. There are no restriction inside the SISSA network.

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