When your SISSA account will be closed

Before your account will be closed, you will receive several email warnings.
Warnings before your account expiration date: three months, two months, one month, 14 days, 7 days, 3 days… then daily.
If you need to change your account expiration date, PLEASE DO NOT WAIT THE LAST MINUTE; read the page: How to get an account renewal.

Use Outlook client (Windows or MacOS only) to transfer messages between email accounts, because you can add multiple email accounts to one profile, and then easily transfer messages from one mailbox to another; other mail clients sometimes encounter transfer issues.

These instructions are for transferring from SISSA Microsoft365 to another email account, but also work well for transferring from another email account to SISSA Microsoft365 by dragging and dropping messages as noted:

  1. Configure Outlook to access SISSA Microsoft365 account:
    Follow the appropriate instructions for adding your Exchange mailbox:
  2. Add the destination email account to Outlook:
    To add a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo email account to Outlook, follow the configuration instructions supplied by your email provider.
  3. Transfer messages:
    After adding both email accounts to Outlook, you can transfer messages by dragging them from your SISSA Microsoft365 account and dropping them into the destination email account.
    When transferring messages, keep the following in mind:
    • Use a wired connection to the internet instead of a wireless connection. Wired connections are more stable and have less data loss.
    • You might occasionally see the Windows hourglass or the Mac spinning beach ball signifying that your computer's memory is being taxed, or a variety of failure and “not responding” messages. These messages will usually disappear if you allow the process to continue to run.
    • Check all folders and subfolders, including your Sent folder, for messages you want to keep.
    • Select the messages to transfer, and choose Copy (not Move), so that if there are any issues with the transfer, the messages will not be removed from SISSA Microsoft365, and the transfer can be reattempted.

You may choose to configure your mail account within Outlook so that it archives email into personal folders stored locally on your computer's hard drive. In this case, your mail will be saved as a single file on your computer yet will still be displayed in Outlook properly. Alternative mail clients and configuration methods are available depending on your operating system and email account; however, mail clients besides Outlook have more limited support for archiving.

For instructions using Outlook, see Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file.

Forward ??? what is that???: Redirect/send your incoming SISSA e-mails to another e-mail address.

You can activate the e-mail forward when you prefer using SISSA Webmail service, but you have to do it before the expiration date of your account.

After your account expiration date, this redirection will be active for other 6 months, then the forward-redirection will be removed and the subsequent mails (sent to your e-mail address@sissa.it) will be rejected. .

  • The staff can not enable/activate the forward for you.
  • You can set the forward through the Webmail service

Once you login in outlook with your SISSA account

  • click on “settings” (the little wheel in the up-right corner on the screen),
  • in the “Search Outlook settings” box on te right write “forward”
  • clik on “enable forwarding” and insert your email address where you want the SISSA email will be sent
  • click on “Save”
  • It is not necessary to keep an email also in SISSA

Please, before leaving SISSA, warn all your contacts that your e-mail address@sissa will cease to exist.

Please note: Other e-mail filter rules (vacation, spam filters…) will not work after account closing.

Your web pages will be visible for about 6 months after the expiration date of your account.
BUT we suggest that you set a REDIRECT to your new web site (if you have one) before the expiration date of your account (after you can not access/modify to your files).

After identifying the files and directory you need to copy, you can use one or more of these ways:

  • copy them –using the scp or sftp commands– on your new working site (possibly not during the “ hot ” hours of the day, the best moments are late evening or very early morning);
  • copy them on CD using the K3b program (not all our workstation have a cdwriter or dvdwriter device). ITCS (the computer staff) do not provide CD or DVD for your personal use, please ask to store@sissa.it;
  • copy them on your laptop or on your pendrive, if you have it.


  • make always at least 2 copies,
  • check the content of the copied files,
  • keep the copies in different places,
  • ONLY if it is all ok, please remove your files in the local scratch areas before leaving SISSA.

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