Special accounts for guests (SISSA conferences)

Director's note

From 1st December 2011 it will be necessary to enter the website https://services.sissa.it/conference/ using your SISSA account username and password and fill in the form in order to organize a conference or a workshop. This procedure will permit a more efficient management of resources and logistics.
The applications must compulsorily be forwarded 3 months before the beginning of the event in order to prevent overlap and to give to the administration the necessary time to organize it. In this initial phase we kindly invite you to underline any malfunctioning or ambiguity of the procedure.
Please note that this application is necessary for a more efficient planning and organization of workshops, conferences and schools, but it does not substitute the usual procedures for funds requests and rooms bookings.

Please, keep in mind that “Eduroam” federation members already have a conference account ready. They can login into wireless (and wired) network, with the account of their own institution.

If user doesn't have an Eduroam account, organizers of conferences/meetings have to:

- at least one week before the beginning of the event :

  • provide to hespdesk staff a file in text format (CVS) with information about each guest (more information in the section File structure on this page);
  • provide account expiration dates for the conference guests (if there are different expiration dates for guests of the same conference, please generate different files based on the expiration date of guest accounts, inserting in a file only guest data with the same expiration account date);
  • provide a short conference name (for example brain2011);
  • Please note: the stardard accounts for guests of congresses do not allow the access to printing services. To allow them access to printing service, the organizers of the congress have to ask a special authorization to helpdesk service.

- during the event:

  • collect photocopies of all the identity cards or passports of each guest (pages/sides with personal data, photo, data identifiers of the document);

- at the end of the event:

  • deliver to a helpdesk staff member photocopies of all the identity cards or passports previously collected.

Different usernames and passwords will be provided by SISSA computer staff for each guest.

File structure

Each line of the text file has to contain the information for one guest only.
Format of a line: Surname,Firstname
Please note: Use a comma to separate surname and firstname, do not leave blank spaces before and after the comma.

An example of a text file named brain2011.txt, all the guests of this file have the same account expiration date:

 De La Vega,Diego
 Bianchi,Anna Maria

Using a SISSA conference account a guest will only be able to access the external network using his/her laptop, so he/she will not be able to use the SISSA internal network resources - for example: SISSA e-mail address, access to printing services, connection to SISSA workstations…

Guest laptop connection on WIRELESS NETWORK

WIRELESS NETWORK - SISSA-Guest - (web unencrypted authentication for web access outside SISSA only). Please note: the wireless network IS NOT available in the entire Santorio main building, only in certain hot spots.

Guest laptop connection on WIRED NETWORK

WIRED NETWORK: Each guest can register his/her laptop using a Public Area Port Authentication (802.1X) on the SISSA wired network in two ways:

  • Obtaining a temporary connection (12 hours) by opening any browser page (the guest will then be redirected to the temporary authentication page where he/she will be required to insert the username and password assigned to him/her);
  • Obtaining a long term authorization to use a laptop on the SISSA network completing the port authentication process. Info about how to register a laptop for a long term authorization on the WIRED network is available at the page: Network Access: DHCP & LAPTOPS REGISTRATION. Please note: pages about LAPTOP REGISTRATION are not available from outside the SISSA network due to security reasons. To connect their laptops, guests are kindly requested to not unplug the network cable from a workstation. For temporary lending of a network cable, please ask helpdesk service (room A-115).

Guests without laptop

ONLY for conference guests without personal laptops:
There are two windows terminals in front of the reception (SISSA main entrance) where guests can access the external network using their personal SISSA username and password. Using these terminals conference guests can also print on the printer located in the ground floor in room 003 -Aula Multimediale-.

Conference guests can use terminals on the ground floor in room 003 -Aula Multimediale- only if this room is reserved for their conference.

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