How to create a personal web page

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The personal web pages in SISSA MUST be used only for work purposes. DO NOT insert images/music/video, etc. covered by copyright, as specified by the Sissa Network Computing Policy.

In SISSA you can have a personal web page, reachable as

Automatic creation

There is a script, usable on the Common Access server, that automatically creates your generic home page:

"Manual" creation

But, if you prefer to manually perform all necessary operations, you have to:

  • 1) Connect via ssh to access server ;

  • 2) create a subdirectory in your home (main directory), called public_html and set read-permissions to all users:

mkdir $HOME/public_html
chmod a+rx $HOME/public_html

  • 3) enable only execute permission to your home directory:

chmod a+x $HOME

  • 4) create a file named index.html (or index.php if you use PHP code) into the public_html subdirectory. This is crucial: in our network system, your file must have this name for your page to show up as your default Home Page.

  • 5) enable read permission to your html files (and php files):

chmod a+r $HOME/public_html/*.html

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