It is possible to import in GRS the registrations made on the portal indicated by the participants and the speakers of the conferences, let's see how.

First of all, contact the ITCS staff for a first assistance by writing to ITCS will configure your user's privileges letting you create and administer Indico events. Log into and click on “Conferences”

Click on the event “Conference template”

Switch to the management area

Click on “Clone event” and follow the wizard instructions, be sure to check ACL and protection settings and Registration forms on step 2

Be sure to keep the above options.

Once finished click on “Organization > Registration” on the left, and on the form named “Register” click “Manage”

Near “Registration form” click “Configure”

Then scroll down to reach “Guest registration” section, do not modify other section fields' names and definition or the import procedure will not function, if you need more customization talk to ITCS staff.

There are 2 tipes of funds and you can configure the dropdown menu with a default value for each one of them. The values must be exactly the same assigned by the Administrative Offices in charge, the UGOV code of the project and the UGOV analytic unit code for the School fund. In this step you can set the default values for each field, but before the export you need to edit every submission to make adjustments.

Editing registrations for exporting

When the term for the registration is expired, or when you need to export some registrations to GRS you have to edit them. First go to the registrations page, then click on the registration you need to edit:

Scroll down and click “Modify”

Then go to the “Guest registration” section and edit all the values required, the click “Modify” button on the bottom

GRS exporting

Contact the ITCS staff by writing an email to containing the Indico identification number of the conference and the name of the professor responsible for the event.

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