Overview on the Guest Registration procedure

In order to improve the procedure for inviting scientific personnel for short and long term visits to SISSA, the School has created a web application for registering visitors online before the date of their arrival.

The aims of this procedure are:

  • to facilitate the visitor by giving him/her advance notice of SISSA’s facilities and the information required for payment/reimbursement, thus reducing the time spent on these administrative matters while here
  • to help SISSA’s administrative staff to prepare for the visit in a more organized and efficient manner
  • to improve the management of the rooms at SISSA

Guests who are “cost free”, but will remain at SISSA for more than one month (visiting students and researchers, interns etc.) should also be registered if they intend to use the facilities of the School (laboratory, desk, computer account, entrance card, library etc.). This is also required for insurance and statistical purposes.

As the procedure is always in active development you are kindly requested to communicate any errors or malfunctioning to: webservices@sissa.it.

User guide

Here is a brief explanation of the procedure and the compilation for the invited person.

  1. Visit the link received via email and agree to the terms and conditions to proceed.
  2. Depending on the services required, it will be mandatory to enter some or more information.
  3. It is always required to upload a scan of the identity document and an updated copy of the CV (or a link to an updated version).
  4. If your referral has required for you to activate a SISSA account, credentials will be automatically generated and sent to you by email.
  5. Once you have filled in the form in all its parts and submitted it (click on the SEND or CONFIRM MY VISIT button), you will receive an informative sheet (and eventually your credentials, if applicable) as an attachment to a confirmation email from the system [GRS] *subject* noreply+grs@sissa.it
    It is recommended to always check the SPAM folder of your mail client.


  • Please be aware that the system will ask you to upload a scanned copy of a valid document (ID card or passport), required to access SISSA’s buildings and facilities, as well as either a link to your professional web-page containing your Curriculum Vitae or your CV in .pdf format.
  • Kindly be informed that your CV may be published on the webpage of SISSA, section “Amministrazione Trasparente” (Transparent administration). This gives visibility to the entire scientific community visiting SISSA and at the same time guarantees compliance with Italian regulations governing transparency.
  • Therefore please make sure to upload a file or link that does not contain any personal data which you would not like to be made public (e.g., cell-phone, home-address…). The professional web-page or CV you upload will be automatically published by the system.
  • In order to complete the self-registration procedure and to confirm your visit, you will be asked to upload the above mentioned documents. It is advisable that you create them/get them ready before starting the data input.
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