SISSA quick guide to Cisco Webex for video lectures

Due to COVID-19 emergency Cisco had made Webex available for free user with less restrictions. In June 2020 they have restored the limitation of 50 minutes per conference for free account, while SISSA has acquired some zoom licenses, so this platform is no more recommended

Create account

First of all, create an account here with your email:

You will receive a 6 digit code in your email, enter it. Insert your data (DO NOT REUSE PASSWORDS).


After the first login, you can go to

choose Sign-in and then Webex Meetings.

Take note of the address of your personal room (it will be something like where USERNAME is your username). It should remain the same always.

Managing lectures

Click on the green button. From the dropdown menu you can choose if you prefer to use only your web browser or you prefer to install your desktop app The app is compulsory from mobile devices. From a PC with a browser up to date you can attend or host a meeting without additional software. Just remember to allow your browser to access webcam and microphone. If something fails, use the app.

If you plan to have a lecture with many guests, we recommend to enable the option “Mute on entry” to avoid background noise… It's in the participant menu in the app. Inform your guest that they have to unmute manually to speak. The host can mute or unmute guests microphones.

When you have started the meeting you can share the link of your personal so anybody can connect. It is required to insert a name and a valid email just for reference in the conference.

You can share also your screen, your users will see your screen AND your webcam.

Connecting users will be prompted to install the app, but just to attend to a lecture it is overkill, so if you are on a PC we do recommend to skip the installation of the app and access through the link (Access via Browser or something like that), and to direct your guests to do so
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