Smartphone network configuration (Android)

a) Select your smartphone menù button, then select Settings.

b) In the Settings screen menù, select Wireless & networks.

Ignore other options...

c) In the Wireless & networks settings screen menù,

  • 1) put a check (if necessary) in Wi-Fi box;
  • 2) then select Wi-Fi settings.

Ignore other options...

d) In the Wi-Fi settings screen menù, select SISSA-WiFi.

Ignore other options...

e) In the SISSA-WiFi screen menù:

  • 1) in the EAP method field select PEAP;
  • 2) in the Phase 2 authentication field select MSCHAPV2;
  • and now scroll on
  • 3) in the Identity field insert your SISSA username (in our example is jsmith);
  • 4) in the Password field insert your SISSA password;
  • 5) at the end confirm with Connect.

Please ignore other fields...

f) Now you are connected, select your home smartphone button to exit from network settings menù.

  • To disconnect from wireless network, follow the first three steps of this guide and unchek Wi-Fi box.
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