SISSA-WiFi Mac OS X configuration guide

Configuration guide to the SISSA-WiFi Wireless Network, using the default tools and drivers of Apple Mac OS X.

a) On the main bar in the upper righthand corner, turn on your wireless network card:

  • 1) click on the Network icon, and then
  • 2) select Turn AirPort On.

Click on Network icon then click on Turn AirPort On...

b) On the main bar in the upper righthand corner:

  • 1) click on the Network icon;
  • 2) select SISSA-WiFi.

Click on Network then select SISSA-WiFi...

c) A pop-up window will appear:

  • 1) in the User name field insert your SISSA username and
  • 2) in the Password field insert your SISSA password
  • 3) verify that the 802.1X drop down list Automatic is selected;
  • 4) verify that the Remember this network box is checked;
  • 5) click on OK.

Insert your username and password then click on OK.

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