SISSA-WiFi Ubuntu configuration guide

Configuration guide for the SISSA-WiFi Wireless Network using the default tools and drivers of Ubuntu.

a) In the upper panel bar (in the upper righthand corner):

  • 1) click on the Network icon and
  • 2) select SISSA-WiFi.

Click on Network then select SISSA-WiFi...

b) In the Wireless Network Authentication Required window:

  • 1) verify that Wireless security drop down list contains WPA & WPA2 Enterprise;
  • 2) in the Authentication drop down list select Protected EAP (PEAP);
  • 3) verify that Inner authentication drop down list contains MSCHAPv2;
  • 4) insert your SISSA username and
  • 5) insert your SISSA password
  • 6) click on Connect.

In the Authentication drop down list select Protected EAP, insert your SISSA username and your SISSA password, then click on Connect...

c) A new window will warn you about a CA certificate:
select ignore.

Select ignore...

d) On the Desktop in the upper righthand corner a pop-up window will notify you that the SISSA-WiFi connection is estabilished.

The system informs you that the connection is estabilished.

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