Guide for Grandstream GXP 2000/2010 phones


If you are unable to hear any voice PROBABLY YOU HAVE LOWERED THE SPEAKER VOLUME. Lift the handset and push the up arrow button until you hear the tone. During a call with up and down arrow you can adjust the volume.

Some quick notes on the usage.

  • If you are not entitled to place a call (i. e. an international call) the phone drops it. If you need to request further authorizations or a PIN, please contact the Estate office.
  • If you have a pin for international calls, you can use it by dialing *72*PIN SEND and the full number (without the 0 prefix). If it fails, contact us so we can reset your PIN.
  • Unless you really know what you are doing, do not use the PC port on the back of the phone to connect your pc. If you do so, your phone may be disconnected from the network. Use the wall ports instead.
Please note this has changed since the last update to our pbx: you need to dial directly *72*plus your pin, and you do not need to insert the 0 prefix to call outside SISSA. And if you had a pin of LESS than 5 digits it has ben padded to 5 digits adding 0, i. e. if your PIN was 1111 it has become 11110. If it had more than 5 digits it has been truncated.
  • The easiest way to place a call is to dial the number with the receiver onhook and then take the receiver offhook.
  • To redial last called number take the receiver offhook and then press SEND.
  • To mute the receiver press mute/del key during a call. Be careful: pressing it outside a call will enable the do not disturb function, thus blocking all incoming calls.
  • To perform a “ blind ” transfer of a call (i. e. transfering it without warning the final speaker, usually another phone in the same room) during the call press trnf (transfer), dial the phone number and press send.
  • To perform an attended transfer call during the call press line2 (or another one not in use) dial the phone number, press send, chat with the final speaker and then press trnf (transfer) and line1.
  • To set up a conference call, call the first party. Then press line2, dial the second party, press send. When the second party is online then press conf (conference) and line1. You can repeat this operation for up to 4 parties.
  • To place a call on hold press the hold button on the phone. To recover it press the button relative to the line you have received the call (usually line 1) that is near a green led blinking.

How to change the default language of the interface of your phone

It is now possible to change the default language of the interface of your phone from italian to english:

  • press the central round button among the arrows,
  • use the arrow to navigate to Preferenze, select it with the central round button,
  • then go to Mostra Linguaggio: and select English.
  • Afterwards it is recommended to reboot the phone, by selecting the appropriate menu entry or simply unplugging the cable.

To get back to italian from english, the menu entries are Preference, Display Language and Secondary Language instead of English. In this case the reboot is compulsory.

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