Start recording

  1. Turn on the room by the comand panel on the desk. Wait about 1 minute to get all the systems ready.
  2. Connect and switch on the microphone; put it on the desk. BEWARE IT IS SWITCHED ON (BLUE LIGHT) OTHERWISE NO VOICE WILL BE RECORDED
  3. Switch on the videoprojector and connect the laptop to the VGA cable.
  4. Insert your own badge in the smartcard reader and wait for short sound signal. If devices are not ready yet, you'll heard a long time sound signal. The system will retry the check after 10 seconds
  5. Start your talk

Stop & Save recording

  1. FIRST OF ALL: remove the badge from the smartcard reader. The system will alert you the conclusion by a short sound signal.
  2. Switch off the room by the comand panel on the desk.
  3. Switch off the microphone.
If point 1 and 2 were switched no recording will be saved

The next day the video will be available on Please ask to helpdesk ( if you need a copy of the recording.

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