SISSA Git based collaboration tool

Git is a distributed version control system that allows you create projects of different sizes with speed and efficiency. It helps you manage, communicate and collaborate on different jobs. For example, Git lets multiple people work on the same files at the same time avoiding conflicts. Git also will allow you to go back to a previous status on a project or to see its entire evolution since the project was created.

In SISSA there is a free Git based system based on GitLab Community Edition software available to all SISSA users and their external guests.

Please, read GitLab FAQs for more informations if you are a GitLab newbie or visit the main GitLab homepage for exhaustive documentation.

In order to access the on-line repository:

you can either:

  • log in with your SISSA username and password


  • log in with your GitHub credentials

To start a new project for the first time send a request to You can ask for a desired maximum number of projects (a limit of 20 is usually resonable).
Your collaborators can join you in GitLab since you can indipendently add members (also non SISSA users) to your projects and decide which permissions you would like to grant them.

Under development..
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