How to uninstall the old Sissa network printers configuration on Windows


  • 1) Click on the start button on the taskbar usually placed at the bottom of the screen;
  • 2) then click on Control Panel.

Click on start button and then on Control Panel...

b) In the Control Panel window:
click Add or Remove Program.

Click **Add or Remove Program** icon...

c) On the Add or Remove Programs window:

  • 1) select SISSA Printers, the content of the window will change and
  • 2) you will be able to click on Remove button.

Select the SISSA Printers and then click on Remove button...

d) On the SISSA Printer Uninstall window:
click Yes to confirm the operation.

Click on Yes...

e) The system will inform you that: SISSA Printers were successfully removed from your computer.
Click on OK
Check the content of the message, then click on OK.

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