How to uninstall a SISSA network printer on your Mac (leopard)

a) On the menu located at the top of the window:

  • 1) click on the Apple menu, then
  • 2) select System Preferences.

 Select System Preferences from the Apple menu ...

b) In the System Preferences window:
look for Hardware section, then click on the Print & Fax icon.
In the Internet & Network section, click on the Print & Fax icon...

c) In the Print & Fax window:

  • 1) make sure you have the authorization to proceed (the lock has to be open);
  • 2) in the Printers section select the printer you need to remove (for example ps12);
  • 3) then click on the Minus- ” sign.

Select the printer you wish to delete, then click on the Minus " - " sign...

d) A new window will appear.
Confirm the operation by clicking on the OK button.
Confirm the operation.

e) If everything is fine, close the Print & Fax windowClose the windows

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