There are photocopiers-scanners able to send an image (pdf format) to a SISSA e-mail address.

Scanner functions on the new photocopier-scanners are available only on:

  • the photocopier located near room 114,
  • in the library … the photocopier located near the loan desk.

The photocopy-scanner on the second floor is reserved for the administrative staff.

  • 1) Press the Invio button on the left;
  • 2) on the touch screen:
    • a) touch on E-mail Addr Entry (on the right);
    • b) touch on E-mail Address;
    • c) when a keyboard appears on the touch screen, type your SISSA username where you wish to send the image (the username only, you don't need to add and confirm touching on OK;
    • d) when the photocopy-scanner display you again the Ready to send - Enter Destination window-, touch on OK;
    • e) the content of the window will change and the photocopier will inform you that it is Ready to send - Place original.
  • 3) Place the original and press the AVVIO button on the right.

A little help for the italian version:

  • Voce Indir - E-mail = E-mail Addr Entry,
  • Indirizzo E-mail = E-mail Address
  • Stampante pronta per l’invio = Ready to send
No one of the SISSA scanners accept email address other than SISSA emails domain.
So visitors (users without SISSA email box) are not able to send scanned documents at his/hers external e-mail address.
On Kyocera TaskAlfa 420i (one of them are at the 6th floor) scanned documents can be saved on usb pen memory. Follow the instructions here below:

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