How to install fonts

To install Farsi fonts on your workstation:

  • extract the font files using a program such as unzip (on Linux);
  • after decompressing, you will have a folder called farsifonts-0.4 with 14 files, 10 of which having the .ttf extension;
  • create a folder called “ .fonts ” in your home directory (NB: the name starts with a “ . ” );
  • copy the .ttf files to the folder you have created;
  • run the fc-cache command in a terminal;
  • logout and then log back in.

To install standard Persian keyboard layout:

  • open keyboard preferences dialog by choosing Desktop → Preferences → Keyboard Preferences;
  • choose Layouts tab;
  • click on Add… button;
  • choose Persian keyboard layout in the dialog that appears.

You can switch between the different Keyboard layouts by pressing the two Shift keys at the same time. You can modify this behavior in the Layout Options tab in keyboard preferences.


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