OneDrive Cloud Storage

Included with you SISSA email account you get 1TB of storage on Microsoft OneDrive, integrated in SISSA authentication services (that means you can easily share a file with a colleague).

To use it go to

From there you can browse the files with you browser. For more intensive file transfer usage it is recommended to install the client for your platform, from:

The client is available for most desktop (MacOS, it's usually already installed in Microsoft Windows) and mobile platforms (Android, iOS)

OneDrive Linux Configuration

Alas, there is no official Linux Onedrive client. But there is a good open source alternative. The recommended one is:

It should be installed on most SISSA linux workstation. To install it on your laptop please see:

To configure it create the file:


A good file template is here:

There is one critical parameter, that is

sync_dir = "~/OneDrive"

it is the directory you are going to sync with onedrive, it defaults to ~/OneDrive. It may be a good idea to change this to a directory on the /scratch disk if you plan on downloading lots of data. If all you want is a copy of your documents, choose appropriately, always checking the software documentation. Take care, because a wrong setup might erase your data.

Then you need to run the client to perform the authentication:

onedrive --syncronize

For more details, see:

It is only CLI, but it has proven fairly stable.

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