We have configured for your convenience an instance of nextcloud ( ), a “cloud” storage service “à la Dropbox”.

While most of the project documentation applies, there are some things to keep in mind regarding our installation:

  • The system has been setup with laptop data backup in mind. It has file versioning enabled and you can configure the clients to sync your data automatically, from Windows, Linux, or MacOS. There are mobile clients too.
  • The data present is not backed up. So use it only for copies of data that you have elsewhere.
  • It has been configured only for file sharing. If you need calendar or address book syncing, use , nextcloud's calendar is disabled.
  • It is accessible only from SISSA internal network. If you need to use it outside SISSA network, use vpn
  • Every SISSA user has access to it with a limited space (10Gb), for internal sharing purposes.
  • If you are actively using it for backup of massive data feel free to ask for a disk space increase to 100 Gb.
  • If you need to back up large amount of data (e.g. the first backup), it is strongly recommended to use the wired network, rather than wifi.
Due to popular request, while nextcloud is accessible for file upload and sync only through SISSA network or VPN, we have enabled the visibility of share links outside SISSA. That is, if you share a file on nextcloud creating a link, the link will be accessible from everybody who has the link on the internet. Remember only that if you share an entire directory, outside SISSA it will be possible only to download it in its entirety as a zip file, not to choose the files.

You can find it at the following link (accessible only from SISSA or VPN):

Apart from the web interface, there are two more usage strategies:

  1. to back up automatcally your laptop critical data, install the agent on your OS, and choose to sync your document folder.
  2. to upload files without keeping them in sync automatically, but accessing them as a file system simply configure a WEBDAV client (see your OS documentation, most have one built in) pointing to with your username and password.

If you plan to use it for massive data storage and the basic storage quota (10Gb) isn't enough, feel to write a mail to to have it increased to 100Gb.

Please note this is not connected with your home directory, that is also properly backed up…

Have fun and any feedback is welcome!

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