Linphone (voip client)

First of all, verify you are entitled to use the service: connect to sissa network via VPN.

Then, point your web browser to:

and login with your SISSA username and password. If it responds “wrong username or password” it means you are not entitled to use this service. In case contact us.

Take note of the entries relevant:

  • Extension
  • Secret
  • Server IP

We do recommend linphone:

The following instructions refer to the windows version.

Choose “Use a SIP ACCOUNT” from the welcome screen.

Insert the following data taken from the previous webpage:

  • the Extension number as Username
  • Your name (or what you prefer) as Display Name
  • Server IP address as the SIP domain
  • Secret as password.

Then click on the upper left corner in the window, on the linphone text. Choose as the active account the one with the address you created.

Spend some time testing. We do recommend reviewing at least the audio settings, to make sure you are using the correct microphone and the correct audio device.

To make sure you receive all calls, it is recommended to disconnect your office phone. Otherwise your mileage may vary…

Start your pc, connect it to VPN, connect headphones and then start Linphone. All should work, if performed in the correct order!

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