Solutions for some problems using Firefox

If you are in “full screen” mode and for any reason you are not able to change this mode, try to press the “ F11 ” key of your keyboard.

Have you any trouble to open a file using Firefox?
Editing your Preferences –> Applications:
- have you noticed something strange in the “ Content type ” column (for example: the type you need, it is not present and you are sure that it is present in a standard configuration)?
- or have you chosen/changed wrongly one or more wrong applications?

To reset all Applications values to DEFAULT VALUES, use the following commands:

  • Close the application Mozilla Firefox;
  • look for the file mimeTypes.rdf in the subdirectory where firefox keep your configuration files (generally it is : ~/.mozilla/firefox/somelettersandnumers.default ;
  • remove the file mimeTypes.rdf ;
  • re-open the application Mozilla Firefox, and check your Preferences –> Applications content.

This page can help you if you have damaged or removed the content of your bookmarks.
warning!Please note: restoring a previous version of your bookmarks, all bookmarks created after the previous version bookmarks date will disappear.warning!

a) How to find your bookmarkbackups subdirectory

The full pathname of this subdirectory depending of:

  • your username and
  • a mix of letter&numbers.

An example of pathname:

We suggest you to use the cd command some times to reach your bookmarkbackups subdirectory.
So, starting from your main directory (for example /u/your-username):
cd .mozilla/firefox/
check the content of this directory with ls command; an example of the ls output could be like:

 1hdx3xdn.default  pluginreg.dat  profiles.ini 

cd mix-of-letters&numbers.default/bookmarkbackups

For example:
cd 1hdx3xdn.default/bookmarkbackups

b) Check the content of your bookmarkbackups subdirectory

In your bookmarkbackups subdirectory, use the ls -l command to see the size and the dates of each previous bookmarks version. An example of the ls -l output:

 rw------- 1 username group 319991 Sep 14 16:53 bookmarks-2011-09-14.json
 rw------- 1 username group 319991 Sep 15 18:09 bookmarks-2011-09-15.json
 rw------- 1 username group 319991 Sep 19 16:27 bookmarks-2011-09-19.json
 rw------- 1 username group 319991 Sep 20 17:02 bookmarks-2011-09-20.json
 rw------- 1 username group 320407 Sep 22 13:39 bookmarks-2011-09-22.json

Do not edit these files (eventually use commands like cat to see the content, without changing/damaging it).
Depending of the size and date, decide which version you wish to restore, keep a note about the date of the wished version.
In our example we need to restore the version bookmarks-2011-09-20.json.

c) Restore one of your old bookmarks version

Activate firefox, then select: Bookmarks –> Organize Bookmarks…
Import and Backup –> Restore
a drop down list will appear, choose the date of your previous bookmarks version (in the example it is 09/20/2011) Choose carefully the date...

The program will ask you:
This will replace all of your current bookmarks with the backup. Are you sure?
Confirm clicking on OK.

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