In SISSA there is a subversion server, which can be used by all SISSA users.

To get your repository you can write to specifying the repository name; you will have read and write access with your SISSA username (if you want to have access with a different username, please inform us in your request email) and a random generate password.

You will have access to repository on server ONLY using svn protocol:


or https protocol :

There isn't interactive access.

If you need to modify your config. files, create new subversion users or change your password, please use our Trac server.

People who want to learn about subversion can read some sections of the Version Control with Subversion, a free book about Subversion:

Backup of svn repositories

Every night there is a dump of every repository and a backup on tapes (incremental every night, and a full backup every 2 weeks) of both repositories (config files) and dumps. The dumps can be reloaded on a new, empty repository.

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