How to access to all Library resources when not located within the SISSA network

In order to access to all SISSA Library resources from off-campus computers, you have the possibility to use the Sissa Library Proxy Service. It uses your username to authenticate you as a valid member of the Sissa school and to generate a monthly deleted password.

  • 1) First: login on register page (using your SISSA username and your SISSA password), and fill the form;
  • 2) you will receive the Library Proxy Password ;
  • 3) then, configure your web browser, following the guidelines on SISSA Proxy Service Library page;
  • 4) Go in through the Sissa Library homepage;
  • 5) Use the search interface to locate the title that you wish to read;
  • 6) Clicking the link to that title will bring up a proxy authentication page. Authenticate, using your SISSA username and the Library Proxy Password generated before.

If you have forgotten the Library Proxy Password in the same day that you have generated it, don't worry: generate another password, and authenticate again.

As long as you do not close your browser or change browsers, your authentication will remain throughout your session. You do not need to enter your username and password each time you switch resources, and if you have already used a database or another journal, you will not be prompted to log in.
For more information, please visit the web page

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