VPN configuration

Please note: if you wish to access to all Library resources when you are not connected into the SISSA network, we kindly suggest to use the Library Proxy Service. For more information please read the page: How to access to all Library resources when not located within the SISSA network.

  • Due to security reasons, the pages about VPN client installation are readable outside the SISSA network inserting your SISSA username and your SISSA password. There are no restriction inside the SISSA network.
  • To obtain the authentication information (vpn group password), please visit the following web page. If you have any problem about the vpn password, please contact helpesk service by phone or personally.
  • You can use the VPN connection from outside SISSA network only (you CAN NOT test the vpn connection inside SISSA buildings).
  • After VPN client installation, from outside SISSA network try to login on your workstation.

If you need more detailed information on the Cisco VPN client, please check the official Cisco documentation.

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