Smartphone network configuration (Android)

a) Select your smartphone menù button, then select Settings.

b) In the Settings screen menù, select Wireless & networks.

Ignore other options...

c) In the Wireless & networks settings screen menù,

  • 1) put a check (if necessary) in Wi-Fi box;
  • 2) then select Wi-Fi settings.

Ignore other options...

d) In the Wi-Fi settings screen menù, select SISSA-WiFi.

Ignore other options...

e) If asked, set a new smartphone credential storage password (this is not your SISSA password).
Please do not forget this new password, it will be necessary for other operations.

Please remember it...

f) In the SISSA-WiFi screen menù:

  • 1) in the EAP method field select PEAP;
  • 2) in the Phase 2 authentication field select MSCHAPV2;
  • and now scroll on
  • 3) in the Identity field insert your SISSA username (in our example is jsmith);
  • 4) in the Password field insert your SISSA password;
  • 5) at the end confirm with Connect.

Please ignore other fields...

g) Now you are connected, select your home smartphone button to exit from network settings menù.

  • To disconnect from wireless network, follow the first three steps of this guide and unchek Wi-Fi box.
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