Managing your phone extension from home

Sissa has a VOIP PBX, so it is possible to control your phone extension via a web interface.

First of all, verify you are entitled to use the service: connect to sissa network via VPN.

Then, point your web browser to:

and login with your SISSA username and password. If it responds “wrong username or password” it means you are not entitled to use this service. If you didn't ask for it, probably you aren't entitled. Contact us in case.

If the login succeeds, keep in mind that some features (mostlty the calling ones) are not available.

The two interesting links are:

  • Display history of incoming and outgoing calls. that lets see who called you and who you called also some time ago
  • Configure your extension. Here you can configure redirection. You can redirect ALL calls immediately inserting a number in Generic Call Forward (remember to add 0 if it is an external number). You can have it redirected after some rings instead by selecting Destination if no answer and then Destination, by selecting Custom Dial and inserting your phone number (with 0 prefix). Please consider the Ring Time since there are technical timings and perform some tests to make sure it fits your needs.

Please note that if you redirect calls to your mobile, you will receive internal calls with the correct callerid. External calls will appear from the number 0403787000

remember to confirm you choices with the submit button
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