HORDE webmail interface, NEW version

The HORDE webmail interface activated on 28.9.2011 has some differences compared with the previous version.

On this page you can find some information about how to manage current the version.
If you wish to communicate any other news which could be useful for other users, please send it in an email to helpdesk@sissa.it.

This is an example of a standard Horde Portal (main page) view, which you can see after webmail Horde login.
Our instruction pages about filter management and contacts management were made using the left sidebar always available regardless of your preferences (the same functions located on the other side of this window could be disabled unintentionally or not by some agent other than the user).
Please look the content of the Horde Portal (main page) left sidebar (in the following image it is surrounded by a green line), it starts with:

  • the Mail item (in the example this item is expanded) which contains Filters, functions/commands to write e-mails and searches, your folders;
  • then at the bottom the items:
    • Organizing (which contains Address Book, Tasks, Notes…);
    • Preferences.

A view of the Portal main page, with the items in the order listed above.

During some operations the content of this area can change, as in the following example. To return to the Horde Portal (main page), please select the Portal item.
To return to the Horde Portal main page, on the left sidebar look for the Portal item and click on it.

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