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-====== Check your Thunderbird configuration (v. 10.x - examples on Linux o.s.) ====== 
-**Upgrading thunderbird version, some configuration could be involuntarily and automatically modified. We suggest you to check account settings parameters**.\\ 
-On the main thunderbird window:\\ 
-  * **1)** in the top of the window click on the **Edit** menu;\\ 
-  * **2)** then click on **Account Settings**.\\ 
-{{thu10-3.jpg| Click on the Edit menu, then click on Account Settings ...}} 
-b) In the //Account Settings// window: \\ 
-  * **1)** on the left of the window click on the **Outgoing Server (SMTP)**, then the content of the window will change on the right;\\ 
-  * **2)** to edit the SISSA Outgoing Servers Settings (select it if you have more then one), click on **Edit** button.\\ 
-{{thu10-4.jpg|Do not select other options ...}} 
-c) Please check the content of your //SMPT Server// window with the content (values into fields and into drop down lists) of the following example:\\ 
- ​Modify your settings if it is necessary, at the end confirm them clicking on the **OK** button.\\ 
-//Server Name:// **smtp.sissa.it**\\ 
-//Port:// **465**\\ 
-//​Connection security:// **SSL/TLS** \\ 
-//​Authentication method:// **Normal password**\\ 
-//User Name:// **//your SISSA username//​** (in this example the username is hidden due to security reasons). 
-{{thu10-5.jpg|Check the content of this window carefully.}}