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Check your Thunderbird configuration (v. 10.x - examples on Linux o.s.)

WORK IN PROGRESS. PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS PAGE JET……. Upgrading thunderbird version, some configuration could be involuntarily and automatically modified. We suggest you to check account settings parameters.

a) On the main thunderbird window:

  • 1) in the top of the window click on the Edit menu;
  • 2) then click on Account Settings.

 Click on the Edit menu, then click on Account Settings ...

b) The content of Mail Account Setup window will change:
click on Create Account button when it will appear on the right.

  • 1) on the left of the window click on the Outgoing Server (SMTP);
  • 2) then edit the SISSA Outgoing Servers Settings (select it if you have more then one) clicking on Edit button on the right.

Do not select other options ...

c) Please check the content of your SMPT Server window with the content of the fields and options of the example. Do not select other options ...

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