Quick guide to SISSA Teams - PBX integration

Once enabled the service, via your Teams client, you can:

  • receive all calls directed to your SISSA extension
  • call all SISSA extensions
  • call any phone number
  • have Microsoft Teams manage your voicemail (Messages as email attachments, automatic transcriptions)
  • easily manage call conferences and call redirections

Some caveats:

  • If you receive a call from a SISSA extension on your Teams Client your client will notice of a call from the extension number without associating the number to the user (Utente sconosciuto). The phone number is correct, you can use the link to call back the caller the system doesn't recognize the name. It's a known system limitation, there is no way to overcome it.
  • To call an user via Teams having its phone ringing too you need or to dial his three digit extension in the Calls-Phone tab, or you can go to the contact, click on the drop down on the upper right corner and then click on the three digit number that should show.
  • If you call somebody only clicking on the handset in Teams, his phone won't ring. Only his Teams client will.
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