FreeNX (obsolete)

This document is obsolete. You cannot use NoMachine to connect to any SISSA LINUX workstation.

How to connect YOUR LAPTOP to a SISSA LINUX workstation in graphic mode

NX is a computer program that handles remote X Window System connections based on enterprise class open source technologies by NoMachine. Thanks to the outstanding compression, session resilience and resource management developed on top of the X-Window system, NX makes it possible to run any graphical application across any network connection as if you were sitting in front of your SISSA linux workstation.

When making a connection, you have the server computer (the SISSA linux workstation to which you will connect & upon which you will open the desktop) and the client computer (the computer from which you will make the connection to the server).

The freenx NX server is installed on all SISSA linux workstation.

NX clients are available free of charge from NoMachine's site for various operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

On the machine from which you wish to connect (ie, your home computer) you'll need to download the appropriate NX client from:

NOTE: You want the client to match the OS you're running on the computer you're connecting from, not the computer you're connecting to.

The installation is straightforward; for a complete set of installation guides, visit the Documents's page on NoMachine's site:

When starting up the NX client for the first time, you'll be entered into the setup wizard. The important settings are:

  • Protocol - Use always SSH protocol on port 22
  • Session - This is an arbitrary name you give to the session. Call it whatever you like. (Something like SISSA workstation name would be good)
  • Host - This is the hostname of the SISSA workstation you want to connect to.
  • Port - Leave this at the default of 22

Press Next button

  • Leave Unix and set Gnome. You can also choose KDE if that's your preference.

Press Next button

  • Be sure to check Show the Advanced Configuration Dialog

Press Finish button

To connect to one of SISSA workstation, you must import our ssh key into your local NX client, because we have replaced the default ssh public key that comes with NX. Without it, you will get the error Authentication failed.

Download the SISSA NX key from here and save it somewhere you can remember, like your Desktop, or copy text below:

  • Press Key… button in the NX configuration screen.
  • Paste the copy of the key


  • Press Import button
  • Navigate to where you saved the file you previously downloaded and select it (client.id_dsa.key)
  • Press Ok button
  • Press Save button
  • Press Ok button

In the NX client, you login using your SISSA username and password (as if you were logging into any SISSA workstations).

If you need a more detailed guide, visit the Documents's page on NoMachine's site:

  • The software is installed as found; some support will be provided but we cannot guarantee that all applications will run smoothly.
  • If it doesn't work at your home, simply use another SSH client.
  • You can nevertheless report any problem or comment to
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