SISSA is going to join IDEM/GARR, the Italian Identity Federation of University and Research institutions for authentication and authorization.
IDEM's objectives are to create, setup and support an environment for shared management of access to online resources. That means that SISSA users can access services provided by the members/partners IDEM, with the same credentials used in the School.
More info about IDEM/GARR at the web site:

Attributes released

A basic set of user account information must be released to IDEM Services Providers to access to Federation Services.

Here below a list of attributes MUST be released to Service Providers:

  • eduPersonTargetedID (a unique “opaque” identity code)
  • eduPersonScopedAffiliation (a type of relationship between SISSA and the user)

Here below a list of attributes COULD be released to requesting Service Providers:

  • commonName (name and surname)
  • surname (last name)
  • givenName (name)
  • email (email address)
  • eduPersonPrincipalName (persistent user identifier)
  • eduPersonOrgDN (the home organization with which the user is associated: SISSA)
  • eduPersonAffiliation (affiliation of the user with the home organization)
  • eduPersonEntitlement (URI indication a set of rights to specific resources)

For support and info please contact SISSA helpdesk.

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