GNOME Evolution

To configure the GNOME Evolution client (version 3.27.91 or later) to access the Microsoft 365 environment, follow the steps below. These instructions use Evolution 3.40 and the evolution-ews plugin version 3.40, result may be vary on different versions.

Install the Evolution packages if not already installed. For Ubuntu, Debian, and their variants, open a terminal and run the following shell commands:

sudo apt install evolution
sudo apt install evolution-ews

For CentOS/RedHat or Fedora, open a terminal and run the following shell commands:

sudo dnf install evolution
sudo dnf install evolution-ews

Launch the Evolution application. If this is a new installation, follow the prompts below to configure your account. Otherwise, select the menu items File → New → Mail Account, click Next, then follow the prompts.

On the Restore from Backup page click Next.

On the Identity page:

  • Type desired name in the Full Name field
  • In the Email Address field enter (The format will NOT work)
  • Ensure the Look up mail server box is NOT selected
  • Click Next

On the Receiving Email page:

  • select Exchange Web Services from the Server Type dropdown.
If Exchange Web Services is not an option, evolution-ews was not installed and needs to be installed.
  • In the Host URL field copy-and-paste the following URL:
  • select OAuth2 (Office365) from the Authentication dropdown.
  • tick Override Office365 OAuth2 settings checkbox
  • In the Tenant field copy-and-paste the following id: e4dd3336-ea1f-432c-b1e1-6966e8584f1b
  • In the Application ID field copy-and-paste the following id: 5fd6418a-8bf0-43dd-b709-8d5f0479b6f2
  • (Optional )Click the Fetch URL button, providing your SISSA password when prompted. This will result in the OAB URL field being populated, which is the address from which the client can download a copy of the Offline Address Book.
  • Click Next

On the Receiving Options page, change any desired options, then click Next.

On the Account Summary page, click Next.

On the final page, click Apply.

If prompted, enter your SISSA password once more.

Setup is complete. Email and calendar data will take some time to sync.

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