Every incoming e-mail is filtered by some e-mail filter rules (spam, vacation, forward, filters, personal filter rules). You can manage them using SISSA webmail service (Horde or Roundcube) ONLY.
All e-mail clients (alpine, thunderbird, etc.) filter rules work after the rules managed through webmail service, so any e-mail client can not overwrite or overtake the rules fixed/managed through webmail service.

Please note: the settings defined using Horde are not exportable to Roundcube and viceversa.
After defining a rule through webmail service, this will be active until when you change or overwrite it. The activated filters are the ones which have been saved for last.

  • Setting/modifying a configuration (filters too) using Roundcube will overwrite Horde rules and viceversa. To avoid any problem, to modify/enable/disable your e-mail filter rules use always the same webmail service. NOT BOTH!! For example: you have NOT to set forward and vacation with Horde and then spam filter settings with Roundcube‚Ķ or viceversa.
  • You can read/send/manage your e-mails using Roundcube, and use the filter settings set through Horde without any problem.

warning! Some e-mail folders are created during the account creation: Drafts, Junk, Sent, Trash. Please do not delete, rename or change anything related to these e-mail folders, otherwise the antispam filter and other e-mail functions could not work correctly using alpine or webmail.

2011/08/30 12:41 · Marina Picek

WEBMAIL FILTER RULE ORDER: you can change the order of your filters rules clicking on the arrows on the right of each filter name. We kindly suggest to keep your Spam Filter rule on the first position.

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